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History of PCEA

National Information


The Professional Construction Estimators Association (PCEA) was originally chartered on June 5, 1956

with twenty-five members in Charlotte, North Carolina.  During the early years of existence, these few

members rallied together exchanging constructive ideas, promoting educational endeavors, and developing

new friendships.  They set forth goals and aimed toward expansion of the association through diversified activities and development of established relationships.  As a result, the second Chapter was established

in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1958.


Today, the National association has more than 575 members in twelve chapters across five states (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL) and continues to grow.


The purpose of the PCEA as extracted from the by-laws and constitution include:

  • To further recognition of construction estimating as a professional field of endeavor.
  • To collect and disseminate information that will increase the efficiency of all phases of construction, promote good will between the various phases of construction industry, obtain a more thorough understanding of the various problems confronting the construction industry, and make all possible efforts to solve those problems satisfactorily to all concerned.
  • To observe moral and ethical standards that would at all times reflect favorable upon members as individuals as part of the association.
  • To furnish to its members means and opportunities for social intercourse, mental improvement, amusement, and recreation.


Local Chapter Information


The Catawba Valley chapter of PCEA was chartered on November 9, 1978 at the Golden Bull Restaurant (where Hams on 321 now stands).  Steve Barnhardt was the first Chapter President.  He was the sales manager for Catawba Concrete Products, which later changed its name to Lightweight Block Company (now CEMEX on 2nd Avenue in Hickory).  Bliss Teague was First Vice President, Bill Reeves was Second Vice President (deceased) and Terry Sigmon was Secretary.  Below you will find a list of charter members and past presidents as of 2009.  From the Golden Bull, the meetings moved to the Hickory American Legion (now part of Hickory High School), the Ramada Inn (where Parkway Inn/Gateway now stands), Lake Hickory Country Club, Catawba Country Club, and a couple of other locations before arriving at the present location.  During the mid-eighties, only the Raleigh and Charlotte chapters were larger than Catawba Valley.




Steve Barnhardt
John B. Battle
Tom Bumgarner 
Bill Burton
Kearns Cheek
Jerry Childers***
Warren Cochran 
Walter Eades 
Grover Edwards*
Jesse Ellis  
Darrell Freeman
Carroll Goodman
Carroll Hallyburton*
Robert Hefner
Tony Holliday
Samuel Jordan*
Ed Kerr*
Larry Kirby
Bill Laney
John Laughridge*
David Looper
John McDill 
 Donald Miller
Ransom Miller*
Anthony Moretz
Reggie Owen
Dean W. Pennell
Tom A. Pennes
Gary Propst
Bill Reeves*
William Rivers
Don Rudisill*
Terry Sigmon
Danny Simmons
Rod Sipe
Austin Smith
Robert Smith*
Marshall Stafford
Bliss Teague
Lee Troutman
Charles "Chuck" White
William Wiseman


1978-1979 Steve Barnhardt
1979-1980 Bliss Teague
1980-1981 Sam Jordan*
1981-1982 Danny Simmons
1982-1983 Jerry Childers***
1983-1984 Lynn Nash**
1984-1985 Donnie Johnson
1985-1986 Ken Houston*
1986-1987 Curtis Allison***
1987-1988 Phil Bunton***
1988-1989 Clark Isaac
1989-1990 Ken Houston*
1990-1991 Grover Edwards*

1991-1992 Chuck White

1992-1993 Billy Reynolds*

1993-1994 Stewart Robbins
199401995 Stewart Robbins
1995-1996 Jennie Miller
1996-1997 Tony Eckard
1997-1998 Ty Thompson
1998-1999 Todd Temple
1999-2000 Ron Sanders
2000-2001 Greg Harris
2001-2002 Roger Kerr
2002-2003 David Deal
2003-2004 Trent Cloninger

2004-2005 Tony Eckard
2005-2006 Phil Bunton

2006-2007 Randall Williams
2007-2008 Mike McGhinnis

2008-2009 John Walker
2009-2010 Armin Wallner
2010-2011 Melanie Land
2011-2012 Ryan Hoffmann
2012-2013 Patty Delgado
2013-2014 Randall Williams
2014-2015 William Clayton
2015-2016 Chris LeFevers

2016-2017 Patty Delgado

2017-2018 William Clayton

2018-2019 Randall Williams

2019-2020 Andrew Rudisill

1980 Bliss Teague
1981 Robert Smith*
1982 Lynn Nash
1983 Jerry Childers***
1984 Don Rudisill*
1985 Sam Jordan*
1986 Curtis Allison***
1987 Ken Houston*
1988 Phil Bunton***
1989 Clark Isaac
1990 Grover Edwards*
1991 Roger Kerr
1992 Chuck White
1993 Jennie Miller
1994 Stewart Robbins
1995 Amy Buckner
1996 Phil Bunton
1997 Tony Eckard
1998 Todd Temple
1999 Karl Thomason
2000 David Deal
2001 Melissa Swanson
2002 Bryn Starnes
2003 Armin Wallner
2004 Mike McGhinnis
2005 Tony Eckard
2006 Randall Williams
2007 John Walker
2008 Melanie Land
2009 Chris Brooks
2010 Patty M. Delgado
2011 Melissa Swanson
2012 Todd Staley
2013 Stacey Walker
2014 William Clayton
2015 Chris LeFevers

* Known to be deceased      ** Lifetime Member        *** Member Emeritus

PCEA - National Headquarters

Please Note: 

Contributions, gifts or payments to the Professional Construction Estimators Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. 

However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expense.

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